Girlfriends, God’s Will and the Gulf

Have you ever checked out Like Mother Like Daughter? Leila has a wonderful post about knowing God’s will for us.

This is particularly apropos for mothers who are busy taking care of detail after detail every day and who sometimes wonder when they got on this Merry Go Round and when does it stop and is God’s will really getting done amidst all this.

Leila’s discussion is also relevant for those of us who are beginning or about to begin a new stage of life. Someone about to leave school for the working world may have those questions – or at least we hope they do! I also find I am asking those questions in a new way, as after 27 years of hands on mothering, my youngest child will start school full time in the fall. No more 11:00 pre-school pick up, no more companion on errands, no more “helper” around the house.

If I still lived in Ireland I would be referred to “as having been made redundant”. (what they call “being laid off ” in the US) Pretty descriptive terminology, huh?!

I’ve spent some time lately with a good friend who is a lawyer by profession, but who stayed home for many years, raising her 4 children and giving considerable time to our Catholic School System. Her youngest is now is HS, but she has not gone back to work full time – in order to remain available to her kids, her aging parents and to  contribute voluntarily. She is someone who’s opinion I value and someone who made a wonderful transition, it seems to me, from professional woman to mother,and back around again, while maintaining the focus of her life where God intended.

(It would be OK to picture spinning plates here, or juggling in a three ring circus. I’m pretty familiar with her life and routine, and she with mine. The phrase “balancing act” was coined to describe a life like my friend’s)

Anyhoo…OK…I can say it now, cause by the time this gets around the internet we’ll all be home…but some of our family are in Orange Beach, Alabama with my friend’s family this week. More about that later. We’ve had the chance to have some long talks and I’ve shared my ambivilence with her about this new stage in my life.

She’s a good friend, as I’ve said. So she was able to refrain from bursting out laughing at me being made redundant. She is very sure that I have a full engaging life ahead – so much so that editing will be my first challenge, she thinks. She is aware of what has kept me engaged over these years in addition to my 8 children, and she spoke about…well… here’s Leila’s version at “Like Mother Like Daughter” My friend Lisa is a pretty intelligent lawyer, mom and friend, but she doesn’t have a blog, so we’ll just say that we think Leila is spot on. Here’s a taste – go read the rest.!

“What would you think if I told you that you could find out right now what His will is? That it’s a “problem” of a day, not years? His will for you, specifically? (And I’m not going to trick you by saying that God’s will for you turns out to be “love everyone,” or “work for world peace,” or “lock and load”!)

It’s not really a secret, and it’s so simple that it seems like it couldn’t possibly be true. It’s just this:

Trying to do all the stuff you have to do, today, with a loving heart.

Not all the stuff you could possibly do.

The stuff you have to do.”

Did you catch the part where she says – with a loving heart? I’m no genius, but I’m pretty sure that’s key. If we do the stuff we have to do today with a loving heart, it will fall into place and God will be pleased with us.

I think I’ll just roll that around my noodle  for awhile.

Which is easy to do when your background noise is the waves in the Gulf of Mexico.


4 responses to “Girlfriends, God’s Will and the Gulf

  1. Want me to move home? This is perfect! I’m graduating as Niney is starting school! See? I knew it would pay off to take 10 years! You’re welcome! 😉

    In all seriousness, you are the least redundant person I know! Governance Board, RCIA, WWMD.. Your blog! 😉 You have so much going on and so many people need you.

    Can’t wait for you guys to get back!

  2. I just thought I’d come out of hiding to report that I miss your blog, Mrs. B! : )

    • What? Well Joannie, you’re sweet. And I am pathetic. I couldn’t even reply to your comment because not only did I forget my password, I even forgot the name of my excuse-for-a-blog. Hmmm…I do kind of miss it tho’. We’re still in Cleveland recovering from the Irish Festival, but you (and Jill,go figure!) have me thinking maybe I’ll roll the ole blog back out again. Any suggestions for jumping back in?

  3. I think your readers would love to hear about the Irish Festival! And anything else you write about, really. I liked your mix of humor and practical life lessons (that you probably didn’t see as lessons, but they are to a 27 year-old!) : )

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