The Torch has Been Passed

I’m really bad at taking photos, nor do I have the patience to read the manuals involved and figure out how to download stuff. Bad combo. Thank you Santa, who brought 9 year old Michael a new camera. I am going to be putting him to work,because clearly, the boy has talent! (not to mention we need someone to document something around here.) Stay tuned, cause any day now there will be awesome, inspirational photos just like the one above, which he has titled (Yes, really.)

“Um, Its Bright, But Not Scary Out Here With Mom”


4 responses to “The Torch has Been Passed

  1. What I like most about Michael taking the pictures is that mommy will get to be in some photos! Behind the camera you never make it into the photo memories. We took a mini trip for break and of all the pics there is one of me…me and a gorilla. Not even one with one of my kids..will have to work on that next trip πŸ™‚ My kids have great scrapbooks that I diligently work on for them…I just need to get myself in there a bit more. Keep up the great pics Michael..and ready to say “cheese”!

    • Uh Oh. I hadn’t thought about the possibility of me being IN the pictures. All I do is say cheese? Are you sure? There is probably at least some lip gloss involved here. Maybe I’ll take the photos after all!

  2. oh..lip gloss is involved for sure πŸ™‚ so grab a nice color and get in the pictures..and enjoy the memories!

  3. Aww!! I hope he took a lot! I can’t wait to see them! πŸ™‚

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