7 Quick Takes

These are Late Takes.  It is Lent, you know. I’ve been busy making homemeade pizza. Do drop in.

  • I Heart Stations. One of the loveliest things we’ll ever  hear – a priest saying “We adore Thee O Christ and we bless Thee” and a bunch of little kids responding, by heart, “Because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.” Those squirley kids will be very, very old someday, and they will always remember those words. Those timeless words.  Awesome. Go see Sr. Mary Martha for a great post on the Stations.
  • How to handle Lent with teenagers? That’s a work in progress, my friends. Some are more coachable/ approachable than others. One of ours picked a virtue to “tackle” and is working on it. We had a nice conversation about that today, but unlike some of our little kids, this kid can read. I’ll say no more. We’re making a dent in it, anyway.
  • How to handle Lent with the 20-somethings? This is uncharted territory for us – suggestions welcome! I guess we can hope that we have lived it ourselves while they were at home. I do not like to ask about whether the kids were observant. I will ask if I think I need to – if I’m concerned about them for some reason, but I don’t like to. When both of our big kids mentioned casually that they had been to Ash Wednesday Mass, well…I admit it. Thankful, happy…and confident – that’s how I felt. Confident, I guess, that they were on the road to having the calm, peaceful and happy life I pray for them to have.
  • I have two virtues to work on. First is humility. Bigger brains than mine give fair warning – be careful when you ask God for humility. He will answer your prayer. I have had a few experiences already which have humbled me. Not a pretty kind of spiritual humility, a kind of humiliating humility. Like giving an important person a lift in our filthy Suburban. No. Not like your car after a 2 week road trip with 6 kids…no…no…no… Like our Suburban after it has been used as both dining room and locker room for 6 months. I hope this woman’s shots were up-to-date. Twenty bucks says she’s coming down with the plague as we speak, and she’ll know who to blame.
  • Which brings me to obedience. I knew that Suburban needed a good cleaning before Christmas. I didn’t do it, because it is one of those jobs I don’t feel like doing. I needed obedience. Now I don’t have a direct supervisor, really. I need to be obedient to that voice that lives inside my soul that says “Hey. Moron. You are a grown woman. You know what it takes to be calm, peaceful and happy. Do it.” When I resist that voice, life becomes stressful. And humbling. And even humiliating.
  • I am calm today. And peaceful. And happy. Why? Well, today I helped someone out. And got humbled. I prayed the Stations with my kids. I exercised hard and ate healthy food. Hung out w/ the fam, enjoying their company. Decided to let some petty stuff go. Stayed focused and worked hard. That’s really how the day went.  I made some good decisions, obedient to the voice  inside me. And I am calm, peaceful and happy. This is the liturgical season known in the trade as “Lenten Honeymoon”.
  • The rule that will help me most with the above, is the one I just made up this minute. “Have you exercised yet today? No? Then the your laptop is in TimeOUT!”

Go see Jen @ Conversion Diary for more great takes!


2 responses to “7 Quick Takes

  1. Looks tasty 😉

    I’ve had your homemade pizza (Caitie raves about it) and it’s delicious!

  2. Thanks, Laura. I made 6 – the first 4 disappeared, but the last 2? Woah. I think we figured they were in the oven at (500 degrees) for 45 minutes instead of 10. They could be frisbees.

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