Lenten Preps and Proposals

Thank God for a quiet weekend! Mike took the boys to Central Catholic basketball games both Friday and Saturday nights. With girls ages 5 and 8 “Girls Night” involves markers, glue sticks, crafty goodness and Disney. Having kids so much older gives these nights  a magical quality for me. Policing Pre-Teens, coming right up.

Saturday afternoon I spent some time with my RCIA…what? … sponsee? I’m the sponsor, she is the sponsored one? Catechumen is the correct term, but that’s a mouthful. Anyway, she will be baptized at the Easter Vigil – an amazing journey to undertake as an adult. Not only is she capable of understanding the enormity of it all, but she knows very well what life is like devoid of any faith, and provides a glimpse of that through a very clear lens. This is not unlike what happens when an “old” mom spends time with a woman whose very first baby is a week old. Both parties benefit, and it would be hard to say which one benefits more.

Sunday evening we had “our” grandparents over – not sure how to refer to them either – our kids call them Nana and Papa and would act confused if someone pointed out that they’re not blood relatives. We sort of adopted them many years ago and they do what the best grandparents do best – give absolute love and one-on-one attention  —  all in all, it is the best love story ever, and we are very blessed.

We thought we’d do a “Fat Sunday” instead of Tuesday, before Lent. Here we were prepared to woop it up and Papa B mostly declined, saying he’s preparing for Lent, which he observes pretty rigorously anyway. He fasts and abstains for the 40 days, meaning no meat, no snacking, no sweets or alcohol. I think he lives on veggie soup – anyway, unlike we neanderthals who were tanking up, he was preparing himself. Oh. There’s a thought. He often loses 15 pounds during Lent, but he shrugs it off saying he puts most of the weight back on by Pentecost. HA.

I think my own Lenten program has taken shape over the last week or so. Certainly being involved in RCIA has been a great help. There’s plenty written, on paper and on the web that proves helpful as well, of course. Our reference points this year are the virtues  – where do we need to grow?  We usually know this in our heart of hearts, but it is a helpful exercise to get it out there in the open. (or at least in our inner forum!)

My reference points are humility and obedience. They are two good pals, I think, as they so often can be found together.  Regarding those two I have no where to go but up, so I’ll be having an amazing Lent! The gory details to follow.

We have other exciting news, for those of you who like to keep up with the emerging grade school social scene. Caroline came home from Kindergarten today, relating the story of her very first marriage proposal. “Do you want to marry me or not? Thumbs up or down?” he said. “Really, Caroline, what did you say?” She scrinched up her nose, snarled her lips, and pointed her thumbs firmly, decidedly down. “That’s what I said.”

Of course, I get the skinny before we even get to the car. I have a girl. Betcha the boy’s mom doesn’t even know that there was her little fella, declaring his intentions and getting shot down. He’s a boy.  Which means he either suffered his heartbreak alone, or he bounded into the car saying “Mom! Caroline Beardmore wants me to marry her. Yep, for sure.”


One response to “Lenten Preps and Proposals

  1. LOL How did I miss that story!? Amazing!

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