Music BMore


We B’dMore this weekend. Everyone was home, including our niece Maura, a junior at Loyola in Chicago.  Our neighborhood adult (mostly) cocktail party went fine, but really, who cares? The fun was to be had at Nine Irish on Sunday for Catie’s CD release party.

Caitie did a great job at what would seem overwhelmingly nerve-rattling! Tommy was a fun MC. So many dear friends showed up – it just warmed our hearts, you know?

She was accompanied by several friends in turn, which was great fun. The most fun for moi, of course, was when the older kids all sang together.  “No…I have to sing melody. I suck at harmony.” “Oh. Yeah, OK.”   There was a lot of love going around.

Caitie, Brian, Will, John, Tommy and cousin Eric

(Poor cousin David is in the background)

You understand the challenge with our photograph-ers, don’t you?   We are really bad at this. I usually explain that the little kids take the pictures around here. Sometimes that’s true. Sometimes not.

This is where the fun was – our kids, Maura and dear friends Brad, Casey and Mary Kate.   When our little kids get older do you think they will swear they spent every Sunday afternoon in a pub? You know how weird kids’ memories are…

The crowd really enjoyed Caitie’s music.

I wish  the little kid with the camera would have turned around and taken a picture of the whole crowd.  The place was packed – dear, dear friends. And they seemed to be having almost as much fun as Caroline the Pub Crawler.

We Bmore blessed, that’s for sure.



2 responses to “Music BMore

  1. GREAT night! We had so much fun.

    • How great of the 4 of you to come! I would have put your picture up, but Dan’s face is cut off in one, and poor Annabelle is missing in the other. Sure wish those little kids would learn how to take pictures! Thanks again for coming – xoxo

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