7 Quick Takes

Join Jen at Conversion Diary – The diary of a former atheist for more Great Takes! (yes, I’ll admit – this blogging is getting pretty fun)

  • Last weekend we were looking forward to a little-kids-weekend. Turned out Caitie came home for the weekend, but since she requires no policing and is well behaved it worked out great. She ramps up the fun quotient as soon as she walks in the door!
  • This weekend will be more big kid oriented. I’m about to drive down to Wabash College to pick up Brian, who’s a freshman there. He hasn’t been here o-nite since Christmas, so we’re thrilled to have him home. I haven’t talked too much about the older kids here yet – Brian is a great kid, experiencing college life, fraternity life, and college football for the first time. We just love Wabash – one of the few male-only schools left.  We love that he’s found his place.
  • Caitie will also be home because this is the big weekend of her CD Release Party. If Lafayette, Indiana isn’t too far away come join us! We’ll all be there, little kids, big kids…well, the whole gang. Check out her blog for all the cool details!  Caitie is preparing to finish school and wants to work in some sort of ministry – I can’t imagine that it won’t include her performing in some capacity. Cool to see her also finding her place. We’re so thrilled for our girl!
  • Tommy is also coming home from Chicago, to MC his sister’s party. Tommy just turned 25 a few weeks ago, and is spreading his wings acting in the Windy City. He’s had some experience at IO (Improv) and Second City and other smaller venues. He’s also had some TV commercials going and soon will appear in a film, so the boy is doing well.  He is a party in himself, so Caitie’s party will be in very capable and hysterical hands. Funny – we used to constantly remind him of “Where To Draw The Line” when he was acting…well…himself. The Line is in a different place now, I suppose, but he is still so well centered spiritually. Our wild and crazy boy makes us proud.
  • The CD Release Party at Nine Irish Brothers requires we show up clean, dressed and with happy faces. Sometimes that’s an effort in itself. But that is the second party of the weekend. The prior party is on Saturday night, for our neighborhood, Highland Park, AND IT IS HERE IN OUR HOME. Here. In our home. Where we live. We’re not sure how many to expect – somewhere between 40 – 60 ish, I’m told. We love having people over, there is just the whole…well…dejunking…Those sort of events always shine light on things that have somehow escaped notice. You know what I mean…
  • Well…I think you do…but I actually have no idea who is reading this. I supposed at first it was just Caitie and Tommy. Then I discovered a thing called “Site Stats” which tells you how many people read your blog today and everyday since you started. Who Knew? Either Caitie and Tommy are checking in hundreds of times each, or this is being read by people in the Webosphere I don’t know? I’ll pretend this is for my kids, sisters and local girlfriends – its just easier that way. Otherwise, I’ll be all skittish over  grammar and punctuation and we can’t have that, now can we?
  • My husband. What can I say about this guy who works looong hours, but still thinks the dishes in the sink are somehow his problem. Who laughs at my screw-ups. Who patiently listens to my “GRRR’s”, and listens some more. Who hugs me when I’m grumpy, who never fails to say “I Love You.” He’s a pediatrician here in town, and I guess I feel like he should be a little incognito here in this blog. But in my heart he’s very much my one and only.

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City – This is where to find all the details of the party! Come have an appitizer with us!

Conversion Diary – The diary of a former atheist Go here for more Quick Takes!

God bless everybody – hope you all have a great weekend!


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  1. See you soon cait! xoxo

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