Sinless but Clueless

Feeling the need to clarify regarding confession, brothers and how clueless one has to be to warrant a mention.

(in a blog no one reads, I think, except apparently this has made the rounds a bit!)

Unnamed brother returned to the pew from his First Reconciliation. The DRE of the parish came up to Mom and said “Wow…I’m impressed. He was Very Well Prepared – good job Mom.” (OK, let’s acknowledge she says this to everyone. I’m just tellin the tale here.)

Will Unnamed son, (I say) Good job! I’m proud of you buddy.

my sweet boy = smiling-happy-angelic looking

Mrs. E. said you were really well prepared – that just means you really understood all about reconciliation. Awesome. Now the next time you want to go talk to Father

my sweet boy = furrowed-brow-confused looking

you just say the word. You don’t have to tell Mom and Dad why, you just say “I want to go talk to Father” You know, just whenever you want, and we’ll bring you back to church…

my sweet but clueless boy = shocky-stunned looking


Wow… Hmmm…Well…

Then I did a brisk little-cover-up over the gaping hole in his preparation. (For which I was responsible, I hasten to say.)

I felt badly till I talked to my sister, whose boy is 6 weeks younger than Mr. Well Prepared Yet Clueless. She was just thrilled to make a grab at my mom-of-the-year crown. “Pah! That’s nothin!” she said. “How about Jack. First Mass after His First Communion. I’m all excited – our first time all going to Communion as a family.  Come on Jack, I say. No – he says. Come on – we gotta go to Communion. No – he says. Come on we’re holdin up the line here, I say.

NO! he says. I’m not hungry. OK – beat that.”

Good to know we don’t have a corner on the clueless market.


2 responses to “Sinless but Clueless

  1. Hahahahaa!! I love our family!

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