1 Down, 2 To Go

Sacraments, that is, at least for this spring. Annie made her First Reconciliation yesterday with a few of her little friends. In contrast to her older brother a few years back, she had a clue.

She got the whole sin/sinner/effect on the community notion, but she had some concerns.  The Act of Contrition, for one thing – she’d learned two versions – which to use, and would the priest care? She wanted to go over what would take place, and more specifically, her “script”. She asked for some “suggestions”, which puts a mom in a weird place, dontcha know. I fought off the idea to use what her older sibs might confess as a jumping off point. Instead we talked about what a “very good girl like you” might find challenging at times.

I bet priests hear from little kids…oh…maybe they didn’t obey their parents, or maybe they were mean on purpose…

“I want to be nice to people if they’re mean to me.”

I know, honey, you’re a very good girl.

Annie the big sinner and some of her nasty friends

“Is being gross a sin?”

“Is being annoying a sin – cause Michael says I am.”

You poor thing, I thought.

I wonder if a priest can tell if perfectly nice little girls have older brothers by the little sisters’ first confessions.

Editor’s note – You think that the picture should be at the end of the post, maybe? I’m shocked it appeared here at all…but I’ll be sharpening those upload/download skills sometime real soon.


7 responses to “1 Down, 2 To Go

  1. Man, I bet it seems like that was just Caitie and I at your table.

    Love the blog, Mrs. B!

  2. Yeah, except where was that gorgeous birthday hat? LOL

    • No birthday hat, that’s true…but I bet as child #1 we had your Bday ON your BDay, or pretty close. Now I’m shooting for…maybe within a month or so. (“Mrs.B. – wasn’t Annie’s birthday, like, a long time ago?”) We NEED hats for the lame parties we’re throwing these days. XOXO!

  3. LOL You’re right.. Though I will never forget watching home videos of that one birthday I had at Columbian Park and seeing my face as I opened a Brio Train set.. LOL

    • I’m sorry – that was back in the gender neutral era. Or something. A train set for a 6 year old girl. What was I thinking. Now that you’ve brought it up – Daddy and the boys and I could have some some fun w this. How about your next BDay – whaddya say? A chain saw maybe? How about an extension ladder? XOXO

  4. Hahahaha! Goodbye, Christmases of make-up brushes and perfume.. :*(

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