7 Quick Takes

Make sure you check out Jen at Conversion Diary – she never disappoints!

  • John and Will, our 12th and 9th graders, are going to Indianapolis for a retreat they call “DJ” or Destination Jesus. This is John’s last and Will’s first, and I’m so glad the two brothers get to do this together. It must be one great weekend, cause these two football players can’t wait to go.
  • As much as I’m not eager to see the big kids leave, I’m kind of excited to have a little-kids-only weekend here. We will just have Michael, Annie and Caroline (ages 9,8 and 5) at home.  I’m picturing normal bedtimes. Locking up the house without having to do a head count. Heck, with that number, we could go to a restaurant for dinner. What the…?
  • Went to  the little kids’ All School Mass at St. Mary’s this morning. The oldest kids at St. Mary’s are 3rd graders, so it is just, well, sweet. One little reader was at the ambo, working his way through the Old Testament reading. I could see his teacher’s profile, silently mouthing most of the reading along with him. She never took her eyes off this little guy, as if to will the tricky words out of his mouth. At the end he says “This is the word of the Lord.” and she gave a big smile – of relief, it seemed.  “Yes! You did it!” Very sweet – makes me thankful for the happy place my little kids spend their days.
  • It is absolutely balmy here, all of a sudden. Going from negative jillion below to 60 above has my kids a little giddy. Caroline ran in from the front yard to show me the first inevitable ouchy of the season. Sure, I sympathized, but I had another concern. How many neighborhood adults saw her tank top and bare feet?
  • After a long winter, this warm weather can only mean one thing – yard work. This is why I go contra to everyone else, it seems.  I love winter, and love how the snow covers everything, like leaves from last fall and bits of toys. I wish winter would hang around a little longer. This spring we have a High School Graduation, College Graduation, First Communion and Confirmation. That will involve a certain amount of partying I think. So if the yard could just stay buried under a foot of snow for a few more weeks, that’d be great. Reality will hit soon enough.
  • RCIA – a pretty cool thing. I’ve never been involved before, but this year I’m a sponsor for a young mom who will be baptized at the Easter Vigil Mass in April. When she inquired at first, the Sign of the Cross, holy water, etc…was totally foreign territory for her. What an amazing journey to glimpse through someone else. It has been an honor to be a little part of this. (First blog I told her to check out was Conversion Diary.  Yep, it is that good.)
  • I had the rare pleasure of lunch with two of my dearest friends this week. It is kind of like taking a multi-vitamin for the soul. Blessed. That’s how I feel to be friends with these two.

Now, check Jen out at  http://www.conversiondiary.com/category/special-series/quick-takes


One response to “7 Quick Takes

  1. MOM! Quick takes? You’re really gettin’ the hang of this blogging thing! 🙂

    By the way, I was thinking of coming home this weekend.. But, if you want, I’ll go to bed early too. 🙂

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