No Pressure Here

Sometime soon I’ll have to give a little biographical sketch of our 8 kiddos, where and what stage they are right now.  Hardly a day goes by that I don’t feel a large sense of wonder and a little sense of disbelief that we are soon to be out of the pre-school stage.   I’ve been aware this year, more than most, of the awe-some, awe-full passing of time and the growth – in all spheres – of our kids. Only a year ago or so,  we had 7 kids at home and Caitie home most weekends. In 6 months we’ll have only 4 kids at home and the youngest in school all day. (thereisnoway!) We have no more babies now.  Our family is changing. Not for the worse, just changing.

So I’ll have to get this all down – and quickly.  If only to give myself a good laugh in the not-to-distant future.  I’ll surely laugh at the idea – that Caroline in 1st grade, and only 4 kids at home would seem like involuntary early retirement.

Meanwhile – we’ll just re-count today.  Tommy (age 25 – living in Chicago, about 2 1/2 hrs away) came home for just a few hours. Long enough to endure the scrutiny of Annie and Caroline.

Caroline – “Tommy, why awhn’t you mahwwied?  You’ve had , like 9 guhlfwiends and you’ve bwoken up with, like, all of ’em.”

Annie – “OK, so Will and John play football for CC, and Brian plays football for Wabash, right?  OK.  So Tommy’s done with school, right?  OK.  Then He could just play for the Colts, right, I mean, why doesn’t he? Cause then we could, like, go to the games and stuff, right?”

So Tom,  if you could just go ahead, give us a wedding to get all whooped up about, and then play for the Colts, well, that’d work out just great for us.               No Pressure Here.


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