Alrighty then…

How do people do this?  Think of something to write in their blog, I mean.  I read interesting things all the time on blogs.

(I could link to the blogs I read often.  I’m sure I could. Give me a couple days and an intervention from my IT guy and I’ll have something for you.)

Having no other inspiration, I could at least note for posterity how I spent this day. You might want to change into your jammies and brush your teeth.  Mr. Sandman is about to pay you a visit!  Nighty-night!

Woke up. Brought little kids’ school uniforms downstairs. (Dad takes care of getting the kids down there) Made coffee. Missed saying goodbye to John (HS Sr.) as he left for school. Coaxed, cajoled, coached the 3 youngest out the door. “I don’t know what to do next” (Kindergartener, half asleep) Me: “Look at your feet. Do you see socks and boots on those feet?” “No.” “There you go then.” Now you see the need for coffee.  This is high level stuff. Drove Will, (9th grader) to school.

Home to a quiet house. 1/2 hour of prayer time w/ The Better Part. (By Fr. John Bartunek – Check it out – it is awesome) Shower, dressed. 2 loads of laundry folded.  Phone call w/ Superintendent. (We’re on a search committee for a new principal for one of our Catholic grade schools) Quick run through 1st floor – tidying/dejunking. Phone call w/ one of our principals re an upcoming meeting. Scrubbed out two disgusting crock pots left over from Super Bowl party. Went to pick up Caroline from K. Got impatient with her almost daily cry-fest because I would not ask another mother if Caroline could come over. Thought about saying “Do you want to beg and look like a desperate loser?” Didn’t. Chatted w hubby on phone.

Made C. lunch, let her watch 1/2 hour of Nanny McFee while I folded more laundry. Took her along to AdvancedEd meeting at a grade school. (an accreditation thingy for board people) Answered their questions as best I could while C. climbed on my lap, hung on my neck and whispered 20 times “when are we leaving” and ” I don’t like meetings with grown-ups”.  Came home. Marinated chicken. Answered emails.  Cooked chicken. Texted my BFF to say I’d pick up the kids today.  She said she would.  I said Allellulia. Made a cup of tea and PB & J sandwich. Updated this.

Kids home from school.  Read through the 3 backpacks, made snacks, consoled one poor child who did not get THE party invitation, called a mom to get a few friends over to perk up the sad child.  Played a game of Guess Who. Played dominoes. Reffed a few spats.  Dropped big boy downtown to his school thing. Got the rest of dinner going. Conversed with our 4 yo guest who thinks I’m a fun person.  Got stuff out for “our” Indiana State Park poster. Hope I get a good grade.

Ran on treadmill – only 15 min. Finished up dinner. Got a smooch from my John as he headed out to play practice. Got a smooch from my hubby as he came in from work. Ate a pretty yummy dinner, actually. (She said, sounding surprised.) Went back downstairs w the girls to exercise again while watching “19 Kids and Counting”.  Girls wonder why we don’t have a big family.  Girls wonder why our dad doesn’t drive us around in a cool tour band bus. Remind them that some people are just lucky that way.

Mike does dishes and gets trash out during this time.  He takes girls up for their baths while Michael helps me out on my Awesome State Park project. Run upstairs to cuddle with the girls. Promise to sew the thingy on Hello Kitty. Do pots and pans while Mike goes to grocery.  John comes in from play practice, get him dinner.  Try to take his picture while he was eating to post on my blog. Felt sort of like a fake mom. Chatted with Will about his-not-our Science Fair Project.  Swear that this will not involve me, a tri-board and a pot of coffee at midnight. Start to update this, realize how much of the day is missing, and how goofy it would be to actually note every little thing.  Realize that there are a lot of hugs and laughs that missed inclusion. Realize it is 10pm and Mike is still at the store, Michael (age 9) is still up, and I’d like to finish the day with a little prayer and peace. But not before I re-boot the laundry. And mend Hello Kitty.

(You’re feeling sleeepy, huh? OH.  You fell asleep after the first paragraph. You’re just waking up.  Alrighty then….)



5 responses to “Alrighty then…

  1. Hahahahahahaha!! See! This is why I knew you’d be a great blogger! HILARIOUS! I love the line, “.. while Michael helped me on my project.” LOL!

  2. Hahaha! Mom you be so funny! I laughed out loud so many times! LOL I’m so glad you started a blog.. Even if it’s just you and me! LOL

  3. LOL!!! Who knew that the trillion hours we put in every day could be so funny! There’s a certain sense of comfort in reading this blog …we fixed a few “party blues” and pasted a tri-board ourselves last night! Nice to know I’m not “alone”!! Keep writing Mrs. B!!! I enjoyed every minute!

  4. Oops.. I didn’t see my comment initially.. Now I commented twice.. Great! Now I’m one of THOSE readers.. LOL

    • Hey…I’m glad to see that particular ONE of those readers. Even if the one reader is someone I gave birth to and someone who feels compelled to comment cause she was the one who got me into this.
      PS This is (for me) actually faster than texting you. Sad but true.

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