Hello world!

Hi Caitie!  This blog’s for you, girl!

Our oldest, Caitie, has been blogging for several years now.  I would provide a link to her blog, but I don’t know how to do that.

Now that we’ve set the bar waaay down low where it belongs…

Caitie has been encouraging me do this for ages. I  agree that reading blogs can be fun – who knew that there were so many bright, witty people out there? But writing one is, of course, another story.  Since I don’t actually plan to tell a soul I’m doing this, falling on my face isn’t much of a worry.  My biggest fear is that after hemorrhaging several hours of time to get this far, I’ll forget yet another password, never write another word here, and have to admit I would have been better off writing in a journal. (Or cleaning out a closet.  Or painting the hall.)

We have a few extra little girls here tonight for Annie’s 8th birthday. They were full of bravado and talked a big game about staying up all night.  They are now overtired and bordering on tearful melodrama.  Better get them upstairs.  OK – no bordering – we’ve got the crying…

I’m back, an hour later. What we had was the crying that preceeds vomitting. The girl who, as we say in the profession, “had emesis”, appears fine and should be nearly asleep.  The nose-bleeder has also recovered, and they all said thank you to God for sleepovers, birthdays, friends, cake, candy, movies…all the things that apparently make you throw up and bleed all over your jammies.  Party on!


6 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hilarious!!!!! I laughed out loud so many times! LOL! Your writing is the best!

    • Wow…thanks girls…I’ve never commented on a blog myself – you know how it is, you have to sign in…type stuff…it all seemed so complicated. You gals are geniuses, I’m tellin ya! xoxo

  2. Welcome to the blogging world Mrs. B!

  3. HEY NOREEN, ENJOYED READING YOUR BLOG! made me chuckle, could just hear you saying “look at your feet, do your have socks and shoes on? on a side note, Brandt will be back in the ‘hood, he has decided to go to Purdue!

    • Hey Diane – how fun to see you here! I’m psyched that Brandt will be a mile away. We still miss you guys after…what…11 years away? I’m gonna go dust off the Power Rangers VHS tapes right now, and I promise I will not call him Brandty-boy. Promise.

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